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` GitHub Repo: https://github.com/23786/Cppp-IDE

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C+++ IDE 2.1.0

A lightweight and modern C++ IDE on macOS Platform

Developed by a Grade-Six (now seven) student 23786.

C+++ is an open-source C++ IDE on macOS Platform for C++ learners to use. It supports Dark Mode and Touch Bar. You needn’t create a Xcode project to compile C++ file or compile a C++ file using the g++ command in the Terminal, all works are done in the C+++ App.

Supported Platforms

C+++ IDE works on macOS 10.12.2 and later versions, and very soon, C+++ IDE will not support macOS 10.12.X Sierra. You will get the best using experience if you use macOS 11.0 Big Sur.

Download Version 2.1.0 (2020.7, latest)

Write Code, Compile, Run.

Though C+++ IDE doesn’t have as much function as Xcode and Visual Studio have, though it is not as professional as Dev-C++ on Windows, it is really enough for a C++ Beginner who aims to attend the OI competitions. C+++ Includes the most basic features, such as code editing, compiling, debugging. It also provides more user-friendly interface for users.

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Perfect UI with Perfect Stability.

C+++ supports syntax highlighting, Dark Mode and Touch Bar, and it includes clean User Interface, with no unnecessary elements on the view which will bother you when you are coding. If you still think the UI is too complicated, you can also enter the simple mode, which you can only see the code editor. C+++ also has perfect stability, few crash can occur.

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Have fun with Code Completion and Realtime Diagnostic.

Two of the important features in C+++ is Code Completion and Realtime Diagnostic. Code Completion helps you type code more efficiently, while Realtime Diagnostic helps you find out errors in the code right when you are typing it. Enjoy coding with these two functions!

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2.1.0 Realtime Diagnostic.png

Code Snippet is also here.

Code Snippet is a small portion of re-usable source code. They allow you to avoid typing repetitive code during programming. In C+++, this feature is also here. Click the second button on the left sidebar, then you can add snippets into your source code.

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We are working hard to make C+++ better, and hope you like it.

Any comments or suggestions? Create an Issue at GitHub repo: 23786/Cppp-IDE or email yixuanzhuzhuzhu123@163.com.


1. Is there a Windows version?

  • Yes, there is. But that windows version doesn’t work well and has few functions. We don’t suggest using this version, but you can find one at GitHub Repo: 23786/Cppp-IDE-Windows

2. The app always crashes!

  • If the application always crashes, please delete all files at path “~/Library/C+++” and restart the app. If the crash still happens, please create an issue at GitHub repo: “https://github.com/23786/cppp-ide”.

3. I cannot use windows.h and bits/stdc++.h.

  • These header files are not available in macOS.

4. How to install C++ Compiler?

  • C++ Compiler is not included in the C+++ app. You need to install it.
  • Open “Terminal” and type g++, type ENTER. A dialog will appear. Follow the instructions and install the commane line tools. Or you can directly compile a file in C+++ and that dialog will appear too.
  • If you have already installed it or installed Xcode, you needn’t install g++ again.

5. The app displays a lot of error codes when openning a document.

  • Maybe you are openning a file which was previously edited in Windows or other operating systems which do not follow the UTF-8 encoding. The default encoding of the document is UTF-8 in C+++ (which is also the default one in macOS). If the document openning operation fails, the app will try WindowsCP1252 encoding. Otherwise Unicode.

6. Code Diagnostic: Fatal: ‘xxx’ file not found.

  • Sorry, this is a bug. We can’t solve that now, but we will continue to work out solutions to this issue.

7. I use freopen() in my main program, but it doesn’t work.

  • Sorry, this is also a bug.
  • Workaround: Create a input file at path “/Users/{Your Username}/”(Your home directory) and execute the file. Then you will see the output file at the same directory.

8. I really don’t like C+++.

  • Then uninstall it or downgrade to previous versions (Version 2.0.2 is stable if 2.1.0 doesn’t fit you).
  • All Releases: github.com/23786/Cppp-IDE/releases

Update Log

2020.8 Version 2.1.1 (208201)

2020.7 Version 2.1.0 (207210)

  • Adapt macOS 11.0 Big Sur
  • New User Interface
  • More Stable
  • Add code completion and realtime diagnostic
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

2020.6 Version 2.0.2 (206202)

  • Add Check Update Function
  • Support Code Font Customizing
  • Mark Error Lines after Compiling
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

2020.6 Version 2.0.1 (206201)

  • Support “” and ‘’ Completion
  • Add Launch View
  • Support Creating a Project Directly
  • Add TEST Function
  • Small UI Changes
  • Much More Stable
  • Revert the Line Number Feature
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

2020.5 Version 2.0.0 (205200)

  • Great changes have taken place. Discover them youselves!

2020.4 Version 1.1.0 (204110)

  • Persist Settings Data
  • Choose Compiler (g++, gcc, clang)
  • More highlight themes and fonts
  • Improvements
  • UI Changes
  • Show line number on the left of the text view
  • Show status bar on the bottom of the text view
  • Fix almost twenty bugs

2020.4 Version 1.0.1 (204101)

  • Add “Settings”
  • Add “Help”
  • UI update
  • Supports .h and .c file
  • More code templates

2020.3 Version 1.0.0 (203100)

  • Publish

2020.3 Version 0.9.3 (203093)

  • Solve the dylib problem
  • Open the exec file in Terminal
  • Bug fixing

2020.3 Version 0.9.2 (203092)

  • Code Template
  • Dark Mode and Touch Bar
  • Improve the code-editing experience

2020.3 Version 0.9.1 (203091)

  • Code Highlight
  • Update UI

2020.3 Version 0.9.0 (203090)

  • Create the Project
  • Add Compiling Function

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